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Passive Bookshelf Speakers


Passive Bookshelf Speakers

  • Premium MDF wooden enclosure to reduce cabinet resonance
  • 3⁄4 inch (19mm) silk dome tweeter provides an accurate high-frequency response
  • 4-inch (116mm) driver produces a solid low-frequency response
  • High-quality crossovers ensure balanced audio equalization
  • Wall-mount brackets built on the speakers

Solid Built MDF Enclosure

The P12 passive Edifier speakers use market-proven MDF enclosures to reduce cabinet resonance effectively. The entire speakers are finished in an elegant wood accent.

Dome Tweeters
and Bass Drivers

The ¾ - inch silk dome tweeter allowing for more room at the high-end. The 4-inch driver is used for smooth, rich, low-frequency sound. 

Placement Choices

The P12 features a wall-mount bracket built into each speaker, and the design fits perfectly on shelves, desktops, and walls.

Quality Amplifier

Unboxing the P12 is nothing less than a pleasant experience. A pair of speakers and two 6’ speaker cables come in an easy-to-open, frustration-free box. Connect them to an amplifier or receiver and start enjoying the warm and balanced audio.


Frequencu response
  • 55 – 20,000 Hz
  • About 79 dB (1W/1M)
Rated power
  • 5W - 20W
  • 6 Ohm
Frequency division point
  • 1500 Hz
Bass unit
  • 4 inch (116mm)
Treble unit
  • φ19mm silk film tweeter
Net weight
  • 6kg